Thursday, June 9, 2016

Raising Generation Z

Generation Z is the group of children born soon after the Millennials and are usually ranged between the mid-90's through 2010 or from 2000 through 2025. As a part of Generation Z myself, I realize that we are definitely being raised differently and I find that this is mostly to do with things like technology and the growing LGBT movement and how it's bringing light to freedom of expression in Generation Z kids. In this article by TIME, they talked about how, compared to earlier generations, the Millennials have new views on parenting choices from names to toys to activities. They also did a poll on over 2000 parents of children under the age of 18.
Here is an info graphic of their findings:

I think that with the new technology parents have had to learn how to raise their children alongside the technology and try to use it to help them like different parenting apps such as iHomeopathy which is a guide for treating first aid emergencies, childhood aliments, and allergies. Or Baby Brain which is used to log things for your baby like what time you fed them or changed their diaper or things like that. For my parents I know that it's been hard because they never grew up with this kind of stuff and all the new technology was coming out when they were already grown up and were starting to have kids of their own. They always talk about how they played outside all day and were only expected home for supper and how they had a home line but the whole street was connected to it and they could eavesdrop on their neighbors. They tell me how lucky I am to have almost everything at my fingertips but on the other hand if I'm on my phone too much they tell me how useless it is and how I don't need it because they never did.

So here's some questions:
1. Do you think the Millennials are raising Generation Z (us) well considering that they have to deal with so many new things that their children seem to know so much more about?
2. Do you think the Baby Boomers are right when they say the Millennials are raising their children to be disrespectful and glued to their screens.
3. How do you think we as Generation Z are going to raise our children growing up with our technology compared to our parents raising us will learning about technology at the same time.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Who's The Owner Of This?

As a reader I think that there's one very important rule that needs to be followed when reading things on the internet. Do not trust everything you read. There are people who are sarcastic, people who say things just to say them, people who are misinformed, and people who aren't very smart in general. As Tupac once said, "Don't believe everything you hear; real eyes, realize, real lies.' because when it comes down to it, not everything is a fact. I said fact because for there are different truths for each person, one mans truth may differ from another mans. However, one mans truth may not be a fact while the other mans truth is a fact.
Image result for tupac don believe everything you hear
It's up to the reader to be skeptical and be doubtful and be investigative to make sure that what they are reading is a fact because when people go around spreading false things, that's where the fighting begins. Of course people will still fight about things that are true but that's just because people are argumentative by nature, or at least that's how it seems. There's an article from CBS Detroit called 'Don't Believe Everything You Read On The Internet (And 6 Ways To Be More Skeptical)'. It's about how people are so gullible and even with all the knowledge of the internet people haven't become any more skeptical or interested in learning the truth. The article then gives 6 ways to be more skeptical and gives you ways to find out if an article you read is true or not.

It would be nice if the things that people wrote online were always true and were always facts but I don't think that that will ever happen unless there was some algorithm or something that knew everything and could delete anything that wasn't true. We would have to be a very advanced society for something like that to ever happen. But also what about people who write fiction and the such? It's just not possible for everything on the internet to be all facts.

Instead, I think that it's mainly up to the reader to find out for themselves whether or not something that they read is a fact or if it's a lie or a joke or something else. It's pretty easy to look up something on the internet and investigate. I also think it's a good thing for people to have the need to investigate and research things for themselves, it makes it less likely for there to be gullible people when there are more skeptical people in the world. There are to many lazy people who don't care to find out if something isn't true and would rather gossip about it and spread the lie or whatever it is that they read. It's up to you to research the things you read and learn for yourself whether or not it's made up or real.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Satire But Not Really

Okay, to start with, the picture below is what Hannah and I decided to do our representation of satire on. It's basically making fun of the kids who blame McCallum and how he teaches class for the bad grade they get when in reality it's their fault and they're making excuses. I think that it's a good example and relates to satire 
news like The Onion which is a website that does satirical news article and tries it's best to make it seem like they're legit and telling real stories. I think that the onion is in essence making fun of how bad regular news outlets really are.

In a 2016 study they found that half of American teens get their news from entertainment outlets at least once a week and that 10 percent of them don't even find news interesting because of how it is presented.

As an American teen I would have to agree. I usually get my news from the little snapchat icon things, from twitter, facebook, and very rarely instagram. On occasion I skim through Google News for news quizzes for class but other than that I get it from social media. However, what I find interesting is that I learn virtually nothing from the snapchat things and I learn a whole lot from Google News. The reason why I don't read Google News as much is because it's not presented as awesome as the snapchat stuff. Snapchat presents it so creatively and the Google News website is literally just a white background with a plain font. Also, it reminds me of a lot of school. School can be really boring and when it's boring you don't really care and don't want to pay attention or learn anything but when it's fun like chemistry where it's really interactive then you're so much more into it. Or is that just me? Anyways my point is, news can be really cool looking and interesting but it's not always meaningful or even relative to the real world.  I would love to learn more about the things happening on my earth but I'm not always interested in reading boring news articles with half the information or the wrong information

I think that if important news could be presented in a way that draws the reader in and somehow makes it relative to them then people would be more inclined to read the good and important news that matters. They'd be more inclined to be involved and knowledgeable about the world and in my opinion, that's a very important part of being apart of the world community.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


I typically get my news from my friends talking about it and then I ask them to tell me what they know about the event or subject. I also get news when I quick go through Google News right before our news quiz on Friday’s. My news source will be Google News and I know that they get their stuff from other news outlets like Fox News, Washington Post, New York Times, etc. I also know that they have a wide variety of news so you can read about subjects such as Health to Sports to World News. I think that the Google News website will be pretty reliable because they only get news from reliable sources and don’t pass on gossip. Their website is very organized so it's pretty easy to find the information that I'm looking for.

It's been two days and so far I have learned about all different things happening in all different parts of the world because Google News gets their stories from tons of trusted sources. I think that I'm gaining a lot of useful information. Everything that I read and learn about helps me to make my own opinions and beliefs on subjects that relate to real world issues. Right now though, the top stories are always about politics and while it’s good to know things that are happening in my country but I can’t vote yet so I’m really just learning information that’s helping me decide what political party I support.

I think that news is kind of like people. There's different types of news like entertainment, politics, sports, etc. and they all represent different types of people. There are some people who won't ever be interested in politics and would much rather enjoy entertainment news which is totally okay. I think it's important to have something for everyone because if someone doesn't want to read about one thing, there should be something else for them. They shouldn't be left with nothing. And everyone can't know or shouldn't know everything about one thing. There's a reason why things are categorized and why there are specialties. It's easier to know a lot about one thing than it is to try and stuff your brain with information about everything.

In Google News, I found that most of the top stories were stories about politics. 
April 4th: Supreme Court rejects conservative bid to count only voting-age population for districts, 
April 5th: 3 NFL Draft developments, 
April 6th: Why GOP nominee Ted Cruz should worry 2016 Republicans too,
April 7th: Video appears to show movements of 'man in white' after Brussels airport attack, April 8th: Two killed in apparent murder-suicide at Texas air base,
April 11th: Tougher gov't regs, cheaper energy deals slow death to coal communities, 
April 12th: Kasich condemns GOP rivals for offering a 'path to darkness',
April 13th: Cruz likely to block Trump on a second ballot at the GOP convention

It's also usually about depressing stuff. For example,  "Two killed in apparent murder-suicide at Texas air base" which I think is really sad but is an accurate representation of the condition the world is in right now.

So far, the story I’ve found most interesting was the Brussels one. It’s about the video footage of a “man in white” who helped carry out the terrorist attacks at a Brussels airport. I found it interesting because of all the things happening with terrorists, and ISIS claiming responsibility to these attacks. I can’t decide if I like knowing about these things or not. I would hate to be ignorant of them because it’s better to be informed about things but I also don’t want to be afraid. I think right now I like to know what’s going on because I’m not ignorant but still, I’m not afraid yet because nothing is directly happening to me from these attacks. Even though I know that they are affecting me in some way, I don’t feel frightened because I’ve never dealt with this kind of stuff so I don’t really know how I’m supposed to act about it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Story

"That's the thing, it was always there. It wasn't severe enough I guess. The changes in life can affect what it comes to be. I don't know. So there weren't really any changes that affected me except for when I wanted to be left alone, nobody wanted to leave me alone. All my friends talking my ears off like blah blah blah and I just wanted to be left alone. And then when my friends left me alone, all I wanted was for them to talk to me. So, I don't know, that kind of affected the way I felt about my friends. And all of my friends are so different, like, sometimes they need to  be left alone. And I understand that I guess but I guess your mental health has more to do with the people around you than the people in your life I guess I should say because it's not just the people you see everyday or whatever, it's the people that you just, you don't know their names but you see them walking down the hallway and those are the people that affect you the most because anything they do, can affect your friends, and what affects your friends could affect you and I guess, I don't really know how my mental health started or whatever you wanna call it. It doesn't start. It doesn't just like appear one day, it always there and the way you think about things could affect that too and everyone is different, like the way they think about things.
So, the way you think about things affects your mental health. Everyone thinks about them differently and really, there's no way to change how you think about it, you just have to deal with the way you think about it and figure out how to make the most of it I guess. Everybody's always like "Oh I hate gym" and I'm like, the way they think about it will affect the way you think about it because people are always like "I hate gym" and so everybody else hates gym. They're like "Oh yeah, me too, I hate gym so much". But yet, there are those people that try really hard in gym and like, they don't seem like they hate gym and yet they say it because everyone else says it. And then they're like, "Well I just want a good grade". Well yeah that may be true but they also look like they really enjoy gym and they're not, they don't actually hate it. But they say it because everyone else says it. 
 So the way the people around you are acting or thinking, not that you know what they're thinking, but, the way they act about it, could definitely affect the way you think about it too.
I don't really know what I want to say, what you want me to say, what should I say? 
I don't know, the way people think about you changes over time and nothing actually changes except the way they think about it. Yeah, and that's the big thing, other people decide what they think about you. I don't think you get it, you want me to talk about myself but a lot of what makes me, me, comes from the people around me. My friends for one. One of my friends is always crazy and  she dances in the middle of the hallways and stuff and so I dance in the hallways because she's cool, she's awesome, and I wanna be like her. Not exactly like her because there are bad parts about her too. She overreacts sometimes or whatnot but she's like the best friends ever. All my friends, not all my friends, only like this group of friends I have. They just bust out songs lyrics all the time and we're like, we portray ourselves to be happy, bubbly people when sometimes we don't really feel that way but we want everyone around us to be happy so we have to act happy.
And then there's a group of friends of mine who don't always act happy because they're not always happy but then again, their pretty much content with the way they feel so they don't have to hide their emotions I guess. Some people do it more than others because they're not content with the way they feel. This different group of friends I'm talking about, when they're feeling sad they will express themselves and they will tell you that they're feeling sad and they will tell you what is wrong. They may not expect you to fix it, but that's what they'll do. And that's kind of part of what I do too.
So I guess I just take a bunch of pieces of all my friends. They're all in different groups and like, I'm friends with almost anyone who wants to be friends with me. And that's a lot of different people who are just open and accepting. Some of them aren't so open and accepting, you kinda gotta show them like you're not they perceive you to be at first sight. Because one of my friends, I met her in marching band and we were talking one time and I was like "So, you know how we're friends now? I used to think you were really mean and whatnot because you always hung out with girls who always like, are mean to me just because I'm smart, or pretty smart. They're always mean to me because i can't handle how ridiculous they are sometimes." They just ask weird questions and I'm like, if you were paying attention.... yeah, I get annoyed by those people. I guess that's just how they are sometimes, how they deal with learning, I don't know. But anyways, so at first I thought she was just one of those girls who wasn't very smart, but she's really smart and I asked her what she thought of me first and she's like, "Well at first, I thought you were like really....", well she used the b-word but I'm not going to say it on a recording. She was like, "Well because you always hang out with my boyfriend and I thought you were like, crushing on him." And I was like, "No! No!" And she was like, "Well now that I know you, I know that you're just friends and I know that you're different than I thought you were."
Sometimes you just got to make friends with someone who you don't like just because how you think they are because they're actually not usually that way. All my friends are like, "Ugh, I hate that person." and I'm like, "I actually know that person and they're not actually what you think they are." But I don't try and change their minds, they can think whatever they want to think. Eventually they'll change their own minds and if not, maybe they just weren't supposed to be friends with that person or know that person very well. And all my friends, they have falling out. Their like, "I'm not friends with that person anymore." And yet I'm still friends with all of them and I'm like, "Just because you're not friends with them anymore, does not mean that I'm gonna stop being friends with them."
So as much as I take from my friends, I'm still my own person. I don't know how to describe it. I take from my family too...well...well not really my sister. I don't really take from her. I just don't really like the way she is sometimes. And I love my other sister but I take from her. It's mostly my mom and my brother that I take from. And my grandma, I take a lot from her too. But yet somehow, I'm not exactly like anybody because I take from so many people but then again, there are parts of me that are just me, they don't come from anyone. And I guess agreeing with so many people and disagreeing with so many people and knowing the parts of you from different sides and understanding that.... Like, if I argue one way, I can argue the other way usually. And I can argue with myself. I do that a lot. So I guess that's how it started, where everything got confusing and I didn't know how I felt about anything anymore. And I guess I kind of got seriously confused with that. 
Okay, for example, let us say we have the color red and we have two colors and they're the same color, they're both red but different shades. And when you're younger, you may like one shade better than the other and when you get older, you don't know, you like them both. Then as you grow older, you'll find your opinion and either you'll like the same color as you did when you were young or you'll like the other color. But yet they're both red. I don't know if that made sense but that's kind of how it is when you're in that middle age and you like both things and you can't decide.
I don't really want you to write any of this down because literally, it's just random."

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Choice. An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. Choice. The right or ability to make, or possibility of making, a selection. Choice. The opportunity or power to make a decision. I believe that choices are selections that all people must make about everything in every aspect in their life. Choice is the right and opportunity for a person to make a selection that will be made to make their life easier. It may not make much a difference in some cases, but all choices should be made to make your life and the lives of those around you easier, even if it's only a slight, miniscule difference. This is important, especially in a world where we have become so selfish and invested in our own needs and wants. Humans may seem like they are altruistic at times and I believe that we honestly do try to be better and rise to the standards that we set for ourselves. But I also believe that deep down we still only do things to benefit ourselves. We cooperate with each other because it benefits everyone involved. We fight with each other to get what we want for ourselves. And what do both of these ways of interacting with the world share? Ourselves. One way or the other, no matter what, any action we take is made to better things for our own self. Nobody would purposely decide to do something that will harm himself. Yes, there are exceptions, there always are. On a whole though, as individuals we are made to survive and to survive we need to make choices that will make our lives easier and the lives of those around each other easier because sure, we can survive on our own making choices that with help us and us alone. But if we work together as a whole being, a whole species, we can thrive.

An average adult makes about 35,000 choices in one day. Like what to eat for breakfast, or what to wear, or even what to do that day. Some choices are more important than others, obviously. Like what career to pursue, or who to marry, or how many children you want to have, or what you believe in life. All of these decisions will shape you and influence how you react to the things you will face on a daily basis. 

One very important choice you make every single day of your life is what you will know about the world that day. Whether you know that a Brussels airport has reopened twelve days after being bombed by terrorists, or that a hundred year old woman was kicked out of her home for being "loud", or if you know that major road work will be beginning sometime soon in Buffalo. All of these things that are going on around you affect you in the long run and the short run no matter what you think. So the more you know about the things happening in the world, the more you can make positive choices that will make things easier for someone, then they can choose something thing that will make it easier for someone else to choose something good and so on. We are global citizens in a global community and it is our job to make choices that will contribute to building our community's values and practices or in our case right now, help to find out what they are.

So in relativity to journalism and how we can break through the issues of a 140-character attention spans and  giving people something other than a headline, I think that if people could just know and realize how different things affect them in different ways and how they need to know certain things that are happening around them so that they can make better choices throughout their day, they would be more inclined to read more news. Maybe if sections could be created with subheadings telling people how it will affect them in the long or short run or just how it is affecting the world around them, then they could do something about it. We should definitely keep the bold  and eye catching headings that make people want to read whatever it is that you are writing about. But before they more on and forget what they just read, they should read the subheading telling them how relevant and important the topic really is to them. Maybe then people would be better global citizens and take their choices more seriously and consider how it could help their community and in turn, themselves. 

Journalism: The Future

White House Chief Digital Officer, Jason Goldman said, "Broadcasting isn't the same as connecting. Broadcasting can create awareness. But connecting people can create engagement and change." I think that this is a good idea of what journalism will be in the future. A tool to connect people and encourage and inspire change.

In a society where journalists have become biased and write my about their own opinions and beliefs, it is hard to find the good ones who are able to write the truth and still shine light on the different sides that are apart of every story. I think that it will be very important in the future that the journalists coming into the world and beginning their careers know the difference between writing a true story and telling a story how they see fit. Not very many people dare going to want to learn things from newspaper, blogs, tabloids, and the such if it's all just gossip and they aren't learning what really happened.

We did projects where we were tasked with designing an object that is innovative and gives people news. Here is my group's:

Our idea for making something that would take journalism far in the future was to make a hologram news app. It was something that could be highly personalized to the person using the app while still having them get the news they'd like. People would gets news that was relevant to them and which would help them the most in life. They would also have the opportunity to explore new venues if they chose to. 

I think that our idea was awesome because it is very tech savvy and is a great example to where new technology could take us in the next few years and a hologram is a very real possibility for us. It would appeal to people because it is very personalized but also very open. So people would feel like the app is personalized to them but it didn't feel like they were caged in.

This is a project another group did and their object was about having googles that would show you news and read the stories to you. The goggles would still allow you to see the world around you so you could do thing and multitask while getting your news. You could get them from community bins and return them any time that you want. 

I think that it is a great idea and very open and optional which a lot of people love. Maybe they could just have information on everything and you could learn fun facts about random things you've always wondered about. I also think Joggles could be a real thing in our future because we already have Google goggles where you can see and explore different places in the world without having to leave your city. People like seeing the world in different ways and technology is always advancing in different ways. Also, since the goggles allow you get your news without disrupting your day. I think it would be great because our society has become so fast moving and people are always saying how there is never enough time in the day. With these goggles, You wouldn't have to worry about that anymore.